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Oud Wood TomFord impression by SCENTS HOME

(2 customer reviews)


Notes of exotic agarwood (oud) and Brazilian rosewood lead the way with their powerful, enriching scent that’s reminiscent of taking a casual walk or a brisk hike through a densely wooded forest setting. Meanwhile, notes of Sichuan pepper and cardamom lend their spicy flavor for a dash of exhilaration and energy. Indian sandalwood, tonka bean, earthy sweet vetiver and golden amber further elevate the fragrance with their robust charm, while the inclusion of sugary smooth vanilla complete the cologne with a soothing, comfortable quality.


Quantity Spray Perfume

10ml, 35ml, 50ml

2 reviews for Oud Wood TomFord impression by SCENTS HOME

  1. Zahid Siddique

    best woody Perfume

  2. Daniyal

    best woody perfume..
    thanks for the Gift..

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